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 Satan snares ,Satan plot ,Satan siege ,libel ,slander ,here you can see, this is not sexual ,the abyss of death ?On my salvation ,execute judgment ,will let them thoroughly ashamed . To stabilize the weight ,in front of me waiting for my echo ,No matter how crazy Satan ,he can my hands ,will be on my feet ,this is the truth !But no matter how crazy ,you don have to rely on " ;" ;,I have wisdom ,can them any room ,don let them catch handle ,this it is better to practice ,to create a soldier of Christ . No such practice ,on the battlefield will lose one ,do not know how to do ,how to do. You have no wisdom ,much to my former depend on me ,I will lead you to your words ,or by his own will humiliate my name. What is my wisdom ,my smart, I know ,and figured out ,don fancy ,penny wise and pound foolish .And what people say, must have stable temperaments .No matter how ,how the siege of Satan ,you have to rely on my stand witness ,stop advantage . Words Adidas AdiPURE IV TRX FG easily abandon, often fail to achieve the witness of my name ,but rather how role ,it is not foolish ?Why ?Why ?I always tell you ,to have a quiet heart in front of my body ,emotion can not indulge ,not arbitrarily blah I thing. I name you see out ?I a Yao? Have you seen ?Do not have method really, really naive !I not see who To witness ," ;holy to dogs Adidas AdiPURE IV TRX FG, eat " ;mean? The world understand ?Refers to who said that? Can you say that ?You have no blame ?You caution ,cannot forget oneself ,go after the flesh and emotion . Consider your words and deeds, how much of it is in front of me how many is to rely on oneself ,do. With my words ,you will be strong in spirit ,infinite power ,to triumph over Satan .My word as a two-edged sword ,will make Satan to shame ,no words at all. You can examine yourselves, you said ,you have done is in front of me ?Is my witness ,or humiliate me ?This isn glorify my name ?What is your benighted ,self-willed. Nike ADIDAS ADIPURE III TRX FG, Mercurial Vapor, In you I got much glory ?Is abusive ,defamatory ,laughed at !You should awake ,I will search the heart ,I will run hard I Memorial ,all give blessing ,but you are not in my words ,I do not bear any responsibility, can only be merciless trial . When was this eye ,it is does not know ,how can I tell you ?What benighted !Don his will ,good to do strong, do not be quiet, for life growing up is much of the block, he always can not take the initiative to get close to www.nikemercurialsvaporsuperfly.com me, according to my words Do you do do is my words ?How many rules ,the number of imitation ,how much of it is cool ,you should examine examine . It is not only one ,but the whole universe of the saints ,I can consider ADIDAS ADIPURE III TRX FG to ?Not so much time and you more wordy what letter .How to pursue ,the key is you actively and cooperate with me, I only watch one ,God will pass ?This is not spoiled ?Really pursue, hunger and thirst after righteousness ,have much to God will ,I will help you meet . In the play, I played her beat ,Lv Zhe plays the and MS with prince .Through filming this drama ,I found myself in love with Lu Zhe, Lv Zhe also fell in love with me. But ,I do not dare explain self to him his love ,but not to accept his love . Although I infinite surface scenery ,but inside the extreme Inferiority .MS & Prince escaped to the island that night ,because there is no shelter house ,also can eat meal ,two people are forced together ,listen to the roar of the sea ,waiting for the dawn . Filming this movie, I nestle in the arms of Lv Zhe ,felt his heart a drum. But when he follow the storyline of the requirements will be the mouth moved to my lips ,I wake up ,to escape in time . The director yells :" ;what are the times ,even a kiss will not shoot ?" ;my tears streaming down. Director :& quot ;not shoot do not shoot ,what are you crying for? " ;Lv Zhe confusion ,he thought that hurt me ,path: " ;sorry ,I just want to show my said :. " ;" ;none of your business ,I was sad for MS www.nikemercurialsvaporsuperfly.com, ." ;the director was generous, path: " ;kiss or not ,ancient people did not have modern people are so open .You hold together can be . " ;when Lv Zhe holding me tightly in her arms, I cry out sound .Savage whore with great success ,in the province of station broadcasts, attracting countless viewers over the same period ,and various television program first . Make known to every family has also become a star Chang Linlin Lee with television while The iron is hot ,build momentum greatly ,interview ,symposium ,to meet the stars will one by one, too busy to attend to all . I became the provincial capital of entertainment celebrities ,media darling ,high streets and back lanes babyish child object of pursuit . Except for one to take a retired film ,television and advertising, I also often ,Chang Linlin Deng Xianguo ,Shimizu Hito and others with parties ,ribbon ,visit and other activities. I ,have been lost ,including personal freedom. (to be continued ) autobiographical novel an actress fall history ( 1)autobiographical novel a female actor fall history ( 2)an autobiographical novel an actress fall history (3 )to read a novel Nike Mercurial Vapor the White Wolf girl please put forward valuable opinion :the White Wolf girl ( 1)the White Wolf girl ( 2)the White Wolf girl ( 3)the White Wolf girl ( 4)the White Wolf girl ( 5)the White Wolf girl ( 6)the White Wolf girl ( 7)the White Wolf girl ( 8)the White Wolf girl ( 9)the White Wolf girl ( 10)the White Wolf



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