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 In the city such as New York ,the meeting place in those twenty years of this century of the liberation of generation is widely known and frequented .In this century thirty time famous Adidas Jeremy Scott Gorilla social repression, with the promulgation of the law and police repression ,this period society on isotropic suction The receiving end . Economic oppression forced many men lost their jobs ,and recovery of heterosexual masculinity stress ,which may appear again on homosexual intolerance as a cause of ( Chauncey ,1994) . Nineteen twenties ,in Germany ,a gay movement ,and has a library and the center was established in Berlin .In 1939, the Nazis destroyed the center ,burned the library. Shortly afterwards ,the government introduced a law prohibiting same-sex sexual behavior ,thousands of gay men were imprisoned and died in the concentration camp ( Plant ,1986) Freud this time fled Germany ,in London asylum in the twenty ,he http://www.jeremyscottnew.com/ had signed a petition in support of the same sex ,exercise ,and in a famous letter wrote, although gay social no advantage, but this is not what psychiatric sense pathological phenomenon. The second world war will be men and men and women and women with hitherto unknown numbers together. In the United States ,the result is in the armed forces called gay cleaning ,until after the end of the war, and in the fifty Senator JosephMcCarthy anti-gay and anti-Communist Communist movement was further expanded . Under this kind of social atmosphere ,AlfredKinsey and his assistant in the United States published their sexual behavior in scientific research the first report ,found that many men have experienced same-sex sexual behavior . Its subsequent study found ,these experiences among women also occur .These research materials being criticized severely ,but to the then Losangeles ,San Francisco and New York gay movement provided support . Europe also has a gay movement ,including Amsterdam and Copenhagen gay movement. Gay newspaper ,magazine ,private clubs and Adidas Jeremy scott 2012 public gatherings ,begins to blame suspected dominant sex is disease point of view. In one nine six zero, gay rights movement fuse ,becomes the modern gay people from depression to fight ,from darkness to light turning point. There is no actual gay population statistics ,only research report or sampling survey for reference. Gay proportion of according to the different estimates will have different results ,but also according to the famous Austria psychologist Freud study ,everyone more or less may also have same-sex love tendencies . So ,the real gay population proportion ,so far there is no real answer ;some advocates of heterosexual member that the figure is about from one percent to four percent ,but this number was significantly underestimated the true homosexual population. Besides ,in different investigation ,because " gay " ;DEFINITION ;different ,the result will vary greatly .But most of the survey agree the following views: one, with many gay people experience less than only a gay people experience ;two ,to devote himself entirely to define for gay people less experienced many homosexual behavior . Another reason is in focus ,the subject has been moved once again .In this case is made, either focus then quickly press the shutter ,either narrow aperture increases depth of field ,or is to tell Adidas Jeremy Scott don subject " ;" ;. Close range photography since the main body is larger, once out of focus ,will be unable to use later make up (Figure 4 ) .Image008.jpg ( 38.32 KB) 2007-5-25 17:51 Figure 4 close shot According to the focusing accuracy requirements higher ,once appear out of focus ,cannot be modified Q: in late night filming, focus and what skills ?Wolf :most photographers use consumer-level digital camera focusing sensor for low contrast ,low brightness of the scene it is difficult to accurately focus ,often can feel the camera has been in squeaky ( inner lens focusing lens group high frequency movement sounds ) cannot complete focusing embarrassing . So during the filming of low contrast ,low brightness of the scene ,if still use smart focus mode ,so in most cases will prompt focusing failure. To solve this problem ,will adjust to the central focus mode single point auto focus mode, and then select the bright scenery or contrast of the edge of the object lens . Then half hold the shutter lock focus ,then structure diagram. Q: then capture fast moving objects, focus mode and need to change ?Wolf :to choose central single-point AF mode ,with slow the shutter to complete the entire shoot. The first shooting method is fixing camera ,on the subject focus after the success, press the button ,it will be one A clear background ,while the motion fuzzy subject into a trace pictures. The second shooting method is taken ,the same focus mode ,but the camera lens with the movement of the moving object and movement ( camera relative motion object is stationary ) ,this shooting out of the picture background is obscure, the subject is clear ( Fig. 5) .Image010.jpg ( 23.57 KB) 2007-5-25 17:51 Figure 5 catch shot shooting moving objects ,main body is relatively clear and blurred background Q: does the wolf ,if the photo shoot ,need what to notice ?Wolf :first of all to ensure that the screen characters face as far as possible in the same plane, and can make full use of the current the popular face priority AF Technology ( Figure 6) ,in addition to its focus ,can accurately adjust the character facial exposure . Image012.jpg ( 55.88 KB ) 2007-5-25 17 :51 Figure 6 face priority AF technology intelligent is very high, can be identified up to 10 individual Q: I was a novice ,how to practice focusing accuracy ?Wolf :the simplest method is in the home, turn on the lamp or use of natural light ,the ruler is flat on the table ( below piece of white paper best ) ,and then the camera to the macro file ,will focus Mode to the center point focusing ,separately from the 1cm began to scale ,focusing exercises ,photographed the look focusing accuracy ( Figure 7 ) .



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