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 Gracefully .Beginning is lip of the ancient spring said: cold palace students like the beginning had decided what to do ,so I think it .Is it right? You told her what not to say ? originally with the movie related topic should have not only with today . Is it right? She last night was a low-budget C stage of electric Shadow ,because too boring ,so I don how to give vent to the mood? But spring are convinced www.adidaswings2012.com that his speech will be moved all the audience ,very excited . You will always be in doubt ? I on your head will doubt Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Wings 2.0, .TV series like the program at the end of text ,often on the drama of the death of the protagonist ,but it is not natural ,not ?Why would die so right ?So strange . So I hate in the end when someone death story .If I were you, I wouldn take that kind of movie !In the end speak movie or drama? I a movie? Even the Kofun era ( Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Bones, Note: ca. 300 years to 600 years) of the soil figurines pierced ears are than you do ,get what I said every single word or phrase are carefully recorded . And you remember those garbage garbage collection ,as the nearby railway station from a to Z back down there .See so much with hard to believe she was calligraphy Rotarians chubby font with the words movie a few words ,spring nodded with satisfaction. is this .White ? spring with seems to determine the will stop weather forecasters a cheerful expression and said .That is how ?I asked ,that is certainly some questions ?I understand only movie words . She is going to go where to look for the film Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings ?Does she know distributors ?However ,spring comes shining her black eyes ,blooming brilliant smile said :Kyon ,your IQ is it right? Have a problem ah ?Are we to make a movie ,and then in celebration of screenings . Titles to put Present by SOS ! here what became the film studies agency ? what you bullshit !It SOS !I don film research agency .spring disdain say if the film institute fellow hear will absolutely not . already decided good thing. Did not the second judicial deal entirely !Inadmissible! since SOS jury regiment have said so, you probably won be overturned ?Where guy put the spring push on the head the throne HH think clearly ,I suddenly remembered ,is this guy to sit on it . Because no matter what the world, voice large Guy and understand posing a guy ,always getting uppity .This gift ,I told this to swim so good ,often feel confused ,it was unfeeling human social contradictions, is also a kind of truth. I needle on the ideal social system this far-reaching theme mm so that is what it is. Think .Ancient spring seems to understand everything she said .He would smile mean assigned to me with the spring ,said with a smile: Adidas Jeremy Scott Wings, understand. Hey ,ancient spring ,do not directly accept the spring cast at the bomb! Don own opinion ?Ancient spring finger bangs will flick . that is to say ,our own film ,then attract guests come to watch, right ? that ! spring antenna whiteboard knocked ,so as to shrink . Brain tumors has been in the compression of the optic nerve ,she had actually seeing nothing .He took her hand ,gently said: I now have no diamond ring ,but sincerely I propose to you . Believe me !I have only 99 flowerrose .You are a special girl ,would you like roses ?I don them, but HH in his eyes, she is so out of the ordinary ,she would like cheesy roses ?He, had sent many people rose . He does not know what to say. This is not compassion is not sympathy. He knew it was too late ,he know that actually had fallen in love with her. Her little soft hand clasped in Click Here his slender cold hands. " ;fool ,in which the girl doesn roses ?" ;she shivered ,said a sentence. He took her hand on his face ,muttered: when we are married, 999 roses ,not 9999HHshe smiled ,and coma . For several days ,he stayed in the hospital .He refused to listen to all calls ,his mobile phone just waiting for a number :.Sometimes she awake ,sometimes sleeping and waking she said :sorry ,I didn have you he took hold of her little hands ,that I really love you ,always love you ,I wait for you. " ;this is the happiest time in my life. " ;" ;with you ,I am happy ." ;he does not believe that this is the last time ,he wants her back ,he to her about her life ,he would wake him up. One day she awake long time ,it seems that she can see .But she was almost unable to breathe ,she is still in the early morning to give him a smile ,one of the most beautiful smile .But then ,is a severe headache and vomiting . Apparatus displays her intracranial pressure has been quite high. She was leaving soon. But in this case ,only her, only she can feel this pain physicians in diagnosing Book wrote: " ;euthanasia more humane . " ;of course not ,this is the most happy time ,with him. So quiet .Around the quiet .Already is the autumn ,leaves from the trees down, paved the road .This is his They meet early season. She looked at him ,think their story. The campus of the heartbeat ,graduation warm embrace ,seemingly unintentional commitment ,early in the morning, let people hate and mobile telephone ringing, and the rose with her eyes . He gestured from her under the pillow out her mobile phone .He first saw that every call his mobile phone .Small blue Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Bones ,mobile phone Jeremy Scott Adidas JS Wings 2.0 ,he most likes the color ,but also his most loved model mm Nokia . He took out his mobile phone .The heart ,he solemnly passed to her heart. She smiled . Around really good static ,only mobile phone keyboard dialing voice. She ,first ,as he made a heart to her own mobile phone over to his front ,close eyes slowly . He took two mobile phone ,put them side by side. The screen ,the two heart on together he and she are university students . Four years, have been together for four years. Four years short time ,four years be light of heart from care time.



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